10 Reasons why you need to watch Black Mirror: The National Anthem

This Sunday sees the first episode in the stand alone 3 part series by Charlie Brooker and we have our Top Ten reasons why you should watch this episode.


So why should you watch this on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4. Below are the top ten reasons.

1: It is has more humour than you might think which will appeal to people who like black comedy

2: You can actually see this happening in our current world in a crazy way

3: The cast is superb with the calibre of acting in top form

4: The use of technology and social media will have you smiling

5: Charlie Brooker is an evil genius whose programmes should be watched

6: Rory Kinnear gives a straight-faced performance in the most unbelievable and jaw dropping scene in British television history

7: It will make you think twice about what we like to watch as a nation

8: It is a mix of Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected, which sounds cool

9: A porn star features in the story

10: It was half inspired by the Gordon Brown/Gillian Duffy “bigoted woman” scandal

GS Reporter: Montoya


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