10 Teasers for Hustle Season 8 Episode 3

This week the team have a big con but are being tracked and drawn in by a police officer who is determined to beat them.

Want some teasers of the next episode? Then take a look behind the cut and tune in on Friday night to see another great episode of Hustle’s last series!

  1. One of the crew has to pretend to be a DJ
  2. Eddies bar is full of rubbish bags
  3. The police seem to know a lot about the team
  4. There is a crooked policeman
  5. Someone is accused of sexual harassment
  6. An old friend of Sean and Emma arrives
  7. Someone has to switched a bracelet off the mark
  8. Someone ends up in jail
  9. One of the team betrays them
  10. This is HUSTLE so maybe nothing is what it seems this time!!!!

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