POLL: What Was Your Favorite Episode of Merlin Series 4?

The end of Merlin‘s 4th series has come and gone…for the United Kingdom at least!

Set to premiere on the US’ Syfy January 6th at 10PM, my personal favorites are in a two-way tie: The Wicked Day (4.03) and A Servant of Two Masters (4.06). In my opinion, both of these had the best plot and acting from its lead actors, Colin Morgan and Bradley James, but there were stand out moments every week, so curious to see what you all think!

What episode is the one that you’ll be telling your friends across the pond to tune in for? Which had your favorite moments? Vote in the poll below:

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  1. godannotook /

    The Wicked Day …It truely did progress the story and …. the last scenes after Uther’s death when Merlin has to face the ending of all his hope, Morgana actually being allowed some feeling at her father’s death, Arthur keeping his last vigil for Uther – while Merlin keeps his for Arthur outside.

    Then after the long night, the Dawn of the New Day scene with the overhead camera hovering above Merlin as he sits still wakeful in the curve of the stairs, and the door opening the rising sun behind the rising son, and Merlin still doesn’t turn – oh people just go watch the DVD and look at his face and Arthur’s shadow and listen to Arthur’s voice….”Merlin it’s a new day………

    And the music throughout and the coronation and the Hope and Promise and everything that the “Merlin” series can be and should be …. if only TPTB would let it

    “Long Live The King “

  2. Lavellington /

    I agree. The Wicked Day was an excellent episode. It had a great balance of humour and darkness, and dealt with Uther’s death really well. The entire first half of the season was very good, but then the second half, despite some good moments, mostly regressed to “What, that? Oh, a wizard did it”

    That got sort of off track… I love Howard Overman. If you only see one episode of this season, make it the Wicked Day.

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