10 Teasers from Merlin Series 4, Ep 7 “The Secret Sharer”

What could be better than last week’s Merlin? Another brand new episode that may put Merlin’s secret in danger…

Morgana forms an alliance with the enigmatic wizard Alator to try and uncover a secret that could change the course of destiny. Now that she counts on allies on both sides of the castle walls, will anyone be able to stop Morgana before its too late?

Behind the cut are 10 teasers for the episode airing on BBC One on Saturday, Nov 12th at 8:20PM:

  1. Arthur and Merlin have a physical altercation in his chambers.
  2. “I don’t know anything about polishing!” “Fortunately, I do!”
  3. Arthur begins to seriously doubt the loyalty of someone close to him.
  4. Morgana parts with something of sentimental value to her.
  5. “Do you agree that magic should be banned? Yes or no?”
  6. Merlin needs to get better at sneaking out of bedrooms.
  7. Gwaine tries to be a friend to Merlin but his help may not be welcome.
  8. “Not only do I know who Emrys is, I know exactly where he is.”
  9. Arthur apologizes for a grave mistake.
  10. “One day you will understand just how much they’ve done for you.”

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  1. “Arthur and Merlin have a physical altercation in his chambers”
    I wonder which piece of clothes will be off this time XD

  2. is there a video for all this? can u send me the link if there is?

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      There’s a trailer up on YouTube but that’s all that is publicly available.

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