10 Teasers from Merlin Series 5, Ep 2 “Arthur’s Bane” (Pt 2)

Continuing on from the events of last week, ancient prophecies of Mordred weigh heavy on Merlin as he can’t seem to dissuade Arthur from keeping himself safe. Near exhaustion, Arthur and Merlin continue to trek towards the fortress of Ismere where Merlin’s fears continue to grow.

What game is Mordred playing? And what is the powerful key that Morgana and Ruadan are searching for? It seems like this time, not even Merlin can stop Arthur from walking right into the lion’s den.

One thing is certain: the great trial for Albion has finally begun. Behind the cut are 10 teasers for the episode and make sure to tune into BBC 1 at 8:25PM on Saturday, October 13th:

  1. “Don’t worry, we’re safe. No harm can come to us now.”
  2. “*****, you have to help me.”
  3. Someone teases Merlin with something tasty.
  4. “Don’t be so quick to judge me.”
  5. “You must remember that there is no greater glory than giving your life for a cause that is right.”
  6. “It’s a dangerous game you’re playing ******.”
  7. ****** and ******* have a heart-to-heart.
  8. “You have a bit of carrot in your hair. At least I hope it’s carrot.”
  9. Reunited and it feels so good!
  10. ******* goes to ****** and tells *** what ******** **** is.

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One comment

  1. Nimueh123 /

    Ha, Mordred goes to Merlin and tells him what Arthur’s bane is!!!!! That must be right- this is the surprising news at the end about Mordred!!!

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