10 Teasers from Merlin Series 5, Ep 5 “The Disir”

Arthur never listens and Merlin sometimes listens too much! In this episode, a high price will be paid for both their actions.

Beneath the inky depths of an ancient pool, three soothsayers cast a dark judgment upon the King of Camelot. Despite Merlin’s warnings, headstrong Arthur refuses to take the words of the Disir seriously and their fury rains down on Camelot.

Behind the cut are 10 teasers for the episode and make sure to tune into BBC 1 at 8:15PM on Saturday, November 3rd:

  1. “You know what must be done.”
  2. Someone’s feeling ignored and unloved.
  3. There’s ********** in the air between ****** and *******.
  4. The ***** and **** are once more at odds in regards to missions.
  5. The ******* of ******* put ******* through a few ********** rites.
  6. * ******** gets stabbed by ******.
  7. “See you don’t even laugh at my jokes anymore!”
  8. Is **** a parrot? Seems *** only repeats the things ****** says over and over.
  9. “You feel all that?”
  10. “You mustn’t blame yourself.”

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  1. piperlime /

    Is **** a parrot? Seems *** only repeats the things ****** says over and over.

    is gwen a parrot? seems she only repeats the things merlin says over and over.

    stop editorializing.

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      When you see the episode, you may see what I mean, you might not. (And you guessed wrong on the example you posted.)

    • TShaw /

      Why shouldn’t she editorialise? Its her job.

    • po_nochka /

      I believe Gwen would repeat things Arthur says and not Merlin. I can even predict subject matter.

  2. TShaw /

    Im getting so utterly sick of the way the show shows zero respect for the characters of Merlin and Arthur who’re meant to be the core of the show – and are we meant to have forgotten what Merlin and Arthur’s joint destiny was meant to be- as pronounced by the dragon in S1? I assume we are since now the dragon’s a joke too. Everyones blundering around in the dark with no purpose at all beyond filling a season.

    I’ve seen the full spoilers for this episode and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. To get supposed ‘moral ambiguity’ they piss all over the two main characters – make them both so stupid and short-sighted and dishonorable we’re ending up rooting for the bad guy? Way to go Shine – isnt there anyone there who knows how to plot or write? If this is the last season, it sure feels like you’re destroying the show as you go.

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      I think with this episode, people will either love it completely or hate it with a passion.

      • TShaw /

        I can only imagine the people who love it completely are people who haven’t watched the show from the start to get how repetitive and at the same brutally out of character it is – and don’t much care about the integrity of characterisation of Merlin and Arthur. Its written by the guy who wrote the Hunters Heart last season- one of the worst characterisations Ive yet seen of Merlin and Arthur – so I expect more of the same. I have no doubt people who watch for the CGI and like to pretend the show’s more sophisticated because it looks darker will like it, but once a show massacres its main characters for the sake of an easy cheap plot point – its on the downward slope.

      • po_nochka /

        I’m sure just about each & every hard core fan of the show and Arthur & Merlin in particular will absolutely hate it.

        I’m seriously wishing I was not so utterly emotionally involved and just watched it for the hell of it as I do other shows. It would be so much easier to bear the pain of this episode

  3. Is Morgana not in this one either?

    • Sharlene Mousfar /

      No she doesn’t appear in this one either.

  4. Mai /

    I’ll watch this episode only for Colin Morgan’s phenomenal acting. I hope we’ll get to see more of Merlin’s emotions regarding the situation in this episode. I’m still waiting for a total Merlin centric episode.

  5. Nimueh123 /

    After reading the all the spoilers I feel totally gutted, as it seems that – [edited for spoiler]. I’ll wait and see what really happen as most people who have seen this episode really liked it. However I must admit that I am extremely apprehensive.

  6. adrienne5413 /

    Oh, I have seen so much hype over this ep. If half of what has been said is true, some fans will throw their computers / TV’s through the windows and stalk BBC / Shine until their dying days. I sincerely hope I’m wrong because I don’t want a complete and total ret-con of the core of the show. However, with the way the eps have been playing out so far, I hold out little hope. It’s a shame something so potentially brilliant has been run into the ground by those who created the wonderful idea in the first place.

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