10 Teasers from Sherlock Season 2 Episode 2 – The Hounds of Baskerville

This week sees Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr. John Watson taking on perhaps the most famous of the Holmes stories; The Hound of the Baskervilles, albeit with a slight twist on the name. We have managed to get our hands on some super secret teasers for the episode, which we shall reveal after the cut…

1. “Well that was tedious”
2. Sherlock reveals his true thoughts on his relationship with Dr John Watson.
3. The rabbit is important.
4. “That wasn’t my hat”
5. U.M.Q.R.A
6. Sherlock looks cool with his coat collar turned up.
7. The monster is not always what it seems.
8. Watson’s doorbell deduction
9. “I need some! Give me some!”
10. Sherlock doubts himself.

Make sure to tune in for The Hounds of Baskerville on BBC 1, Sunday January 8th at 8.30pm…

GS Reporter: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Watched it. Enjoyed it. Did pretty good at guessing in advance what was going to happen. Stumped on the U.M.Q.R.A thing – I thought it might just be a humerous dogging reference until I saw this teaser post. U.M.Q.R.A Anybody?

  2. Hattori Sei /

    It doesn’t actually mean anything. As was shown in the episode it was…an accident regarding headlights/blinkers in a car, old people, and a belt. Not going to go anymore into that. /shudder/

    And I loved the episode! Really can’t wait for the last one this Sunday, I want to see how they set it up modern-day.

  3. Sherlocked /

    I’m stumped on the U.M.Q.R.A thing too, everyone is saying it’s just coincidence and has no real meaning but I’m SURE I’ve heard it somewhere before AND that it’s related to the original Sherlock Holmes stories. I just can’t place it … it’s maddening …
    Can anyone help me out?

    • Herlock Sholmes /

      U Must Quit Restricted Area

  4. Matt /

    In the Credits, some of the letters were red, in order… U M Q R A

    That now qualifies as more than a coincidence. May not mean much more than an inside joke or private homage, but I’m interested in its meaning.

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