12 Monkeys Series Gets Unique Viral Advert in Waterloo Station

Some adverts miss the mark or are just plain irritating, so it’s nice to see one that makes you think “Haha very nice!” This was my reaction to news of the giant petri-dish that has been installed in London’s Waterloo Station to promote the new 12 Monkeys TV series.

The installation hosts billions of fast-growing and harmless bacteria, all slowly revealing the 12 Monkeys’ logo via way of ‘bacteria, fungi and slime.’ The living billboard is designed to draw an analogy between it and the nasty ‘kalavirus’ featured in the TV series.

12monkeysviral (1)

Inspired by the Golden Globe® award-winning 1995 film of the same name, the TV series stars Aaron Stanford (Nikita) as time-traveller, Cole, who utilises a dangerous and untested method of time travel to journey from a decimated future in 2043 to the present day on a mission to save the human race from an imminent deadly plague. The series also stars Amanda Schull (Suits), Kirk Acevedo (The Walking Dead), Barbara Sukowa and Noah Bean (Damages).

12 Monkeys will air in the UK on the Syfy channel on Friday 27th February at 9pm. If you can’t wait that long, visit the 12 Monkeys page on Syfy.co.uk for more info, the chance to watch the first 9 minutes of episode one and other apocalyptic goodness.

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Source: Syfy.co.uk
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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