£18,090 Donation Raised At Convention

Terry Pratchett has been long associated with charitable giving. After revealing his tragic diagnosis with Alzheimer’s, he gave massively to research into the disease. But his love for the Orangutan of Borneo predates that and even to this day he leads fundraising efforts for the Orangutan Foundation. Pratchett, besides being a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, is actually a pretty famous author or something? Write books about magic librarian monkeys or whatever. He has a lot of fans to draw on.  

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Another charity present at the 2010 Discworld convention is the Tall Ships Youth Trust, a group that aim to help young people learn discipline and self-confidence by learning to sail. Both charities had stalls in the convention Dealer’s Room, which is clearly fraud because they weren’t selling anything. But anyway.   

On Sunday, the Discworld Convention raised nearly twenty thousand pounds for the two charities at auction. Up for sale were movie props donated by the Mob film company – including the Luggage and the Oscilloscope -, rare books, watercolor pictures and even shell casings from a gun Pratchett fired at an American shooting range. When the smoke cleared, the finally tally of money raised was eighteen thousand and ninety pounds.  

That’s a lot of bananas and rigging.  

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