1st episode of new Steampunk web series Riese hits the net

If you remember we talked about Riese the new steampunk web series a little while ago when we  showed you guys the trailer. The first episode has now come online at the show’s main website and over at youtube. Rather than have you searching the net for the episode we’re going to bring it to you.

I’ve now watched the first episode and I liked what I saw. There wasn’t much in the way of story but there was a lot atmosphere. I also liked the fact that rather than having to rely on CGI the filmmakers just headed to a forest for their shoot and I thought that worked for feel of the show (good way to keep the budget down).

There were about two lines of dialogue it was difficult to tell how who good the acting is going to be  but it’s early days yet and I’ll wait until I’ve watched a few more episodes before making my mind up.

With the awesome Girl Number 9 drawing to a close today this has definitely been a cracking week for web shows.


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Source: Riese the Series

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