2012 #30Characters Champions Announced

Capture-30in30-290x290Just a couple of days ago, ComixTribe released the list of the winners of its  “30 Characters Challenge”. In the challenge, writers and artists are challenged to create thirty new characters in just thirty days.

Now in its fourth year, the “30 Characters Challenge” had 57 winners and has over 1100 total participants. The online competition sponsored by ComixTribe has attracted artists and writers from around the world and challenged them to create new characters.

“Every year, I’m astounded by the creativity that’s harnessed during #30Characters,” said challenge originator Tyler James.  “Four years ago, I started the challenge to get myself out of a creative rut. The fact that it’s been so well-received, and had an impact far and wide is truly remarkable.”

“30 Characters always reminds me that in the end, I like making my own stuff up the best,” said artist and two-time #30Characters champion Greg Gibbons.

For a full list of champions and to learn more about ComixTribe, check out their site here.

Source: ComixTribe
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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