Racist Group Boycott “Thor”

A racist group has called for its supporters to Boycott the Thor Movie from Marvel Studios. The group claims that the casting of Idris Elba (The Wire, The Losers) in the role of Heimdall.

It’s a movie about a guy that throws a magic hammer at Frost Giants! and your issue with it is that they cast a black guy…..

The Council of Conservative Citizens, labelled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre are the group behind this Boycott, they direct their followers to a site which states:

Marvel is headed by radical left-wingers who insert their ideologies and agendas into their comic books and movies.

In February 2010, the TEA Party movement was viciously attacked in an issue of Captain America. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Qesada publicly defended the issue.

Marvel creator and front man Stan “Lee” Lieber is a notorious left-winger and financier of left-wing political candidates.

Apparently an artist putting some tea party signs in a comic is now a vicious attack! And Stan Lee hasn’t been marvels front man for years! These guys also claim Marvel has history of publishing extremist “Black Power” comics; I must have missed these comics!

People (and i use the term loosely) like these bigots really get my blood boiling! I hope they don’t go see the movie! i would hate to be sat within 20 miles of anyone that feels that casting a black man in a comic book movie is such a heinous act that it requires some sort of action to protest it!

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  1. This is so hilarious.

  2. Nice bit of anti-Semitism thrown in their too – highlighting Lee’s birth name. Looks like the CCC is the new KKK. Interestingly they site the BNP as their “European Allies”.

    • It’s also utterly ridiculous that they’re going after a comic book movie like it was some sort of government conspiracy.

  3. mamavalkyrie /

    The issue is not about the guy himself, it goes back to the viking era and the norse gods. There is no black norse god. When you take something of european heritage, which is white based and convert it to modern days, putting a black man in the role of what was once a white norse god; The practicers are going to go stir crazy, it’s not being racist. It’s the fact that it has taken away from the way it should have been. A black norse god, is an oxymoron. You don’t see a white zulu god. More or less it’s common sense, and the basis of reality.

    • “More or less it’s common sense, and the basis of reality”

      Just so you are aware you are talking about a movie where a guy has a magic hammer and travels between a magical kingdom and earth by crossing a magic rainbow!

      Reality has nothing to do with it!

      • mamavalkyrie /

        on the basis of norse mythology, which if you knew anything about that you would know that regardless of how real it may or may not be. There is no black norse god… so why not just stick to the old ways, it makes more sense.

      • This is NOT Norse Mythology! it is a film based on characters created by Stan Lee (and others) that are loosely based on Norse mythology.

        If Marvel want their Heimdall to be Black then they can do it! hell if they wanted him to be pink that would also be totally fine! Because these are made up characters!

      • This is not a film about Norse mythology alone. This is about the Marvel Universe, where gods can take on other form besides the historical depictions.

    • This is MARVEL’s Norse Gods. Let me point out that there is not a part of Norse Mythology which states that “oh, and then Thor hung out with his buddies, the Avengers.”

      Not saying that Heimdall being black makes any sense, but there is no solid rule that he has to look like a Norseman.

      • mamavalkyrie /

        I see your point on the avengers…My point I was trying to get at is, people that boycott this movie for how they believe shouldn’t be called racist, because the situation itself has nothing to do with the black guy as a person. It’s based on ones personal beliefs.

      • if you go to the website of the group boycotting the film there is no doubt the guys are racist! there is a long monologue about Stan Lee being a “evil Jew” and Edris Elba is repeatedly called the N word!

        you don’t get much racist!

      • mamavalkyrie, the point is that even if you have a bone to pick with the casting of Idris Elba in thor, there are historical/comic book arguments to make, and then there are racists who probably don’t care about the Thor movie and just want to get their agenda out there.

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