25 Things You Didn’t Know About The Friday The 13th Series

Derek Mears, the new Jason Voorhees

Derek Mears, the new Jason Voorhees

Hey kids! With the Friday The 13th remake out in theaters, I thought it would be cool to share with you 25 cool facts about the Friday The 13th series. There’s a bit of spoiling going on, so read at your own risk!

1. Out of the whole series, Jason Voorhees is in all but two of the movies

2. What we think as “Jason’s Theme”, the “chi chi chi ha ha ha”, is actually “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma” the original idea behind it was that it was the demented mind of Mrs. Voorhees telling her to “kill mommy kill”

3. Sally Field auditioned for a role on Friday The 13th

4. Ellen Lutter, costume designer on Friday The 13th pt. 2, was the only woman to play the part of Jason. They filmed her legs walk across the street.

5. Warington Gillette is the only actor not credited as Jason. He was Unmasked Jason in Part 2.

6. In order to keep projects under wraps, the films were given code names based off of David Bowie songs.

7. Part 3 was the first to be released on a Friday the 13th

8. Part 3 is considered to be the greatest achievement of film using anaglyph 3D.

9. Tommy Jarvis, one of the main characters in The Final Chapter, was based off of Tom Savini, the makeup and FX man who created Jason.

10. Tommy Jarvis is the only reoccurring character in the whole series besides Jason, but is played by three different actors in every movie.

11. A New Beginning is the only movie not set in a camp.

12. Jason Lives starts the era of Zombie Jason

13. Kane Hodder got the part of Jason Voorhees by impressing the director with his ability to eat worms.

14. The New Blood was supposed to be the colossal fight between Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger, but the licensing agreements between Paramont and New Line Cinema didn’t pan out too well.

15. The New Blood was the most heavily cut movie by the MPAA. Losing about four minutes. It was considered the most violent of the series.

16. Jason Takes Manhattan never spends much time in Manhattan.

17. Ken Kirzinger, one of the stuntmen who gets thrown around in Jason Takes Manhattan, later would play Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason

18. Friday The 13th: The Series never had anything really to do with Friday The 13th. In some weird way, New Line tried to tie it in by having John D. LeMay, an actor from the series, play the protagonist in Jason Goes To Hell

19. The Necronomicon is sighted in Jason Goes To Hell

20. Jason Goes To Hell is the only movie with it’s own comic.

21. Kane Hodder is the only other man to play Freddy Kruger…or at least his arm.

22. Jason X was the second failed attempt to do Freddy vs. Jason

23. Jason X was the least cut film by the MPAA, only losing about ten second

24. Least amount of kills: Friday the 13th with 8

25. Most amount of kills: Jason X with 28

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  1. vichussmith /

    @ #11 I thought that Jason X wasn’t set in a camp. It’s in space- in the future!

    This was a good list. I couldn’t resist taking a look at it.

  2. roy3 /

    It started at camp.

    A New Beginning took place at a juvie farm through the whole movie.

    And the satillite was their version of a research camp.

  3. umm.. I’m seriously not trying to be a jerk and stuff here. Just thought you might want to consider updating it? Some of these were probably reworded trivia statements that lost their original meanings by the time you came across them.

    #1- Jason appears as a boy at the end of part 1. Whether that was a dream or not is hotly contested. He also appears in Part 5 in dream sequences and flashbacks.

    (if you restated it to say he wasn’t the killer in two of the movies, you’d be right.)

    #5.. Warrington only PLAYED the unmasked Jason.. the rest was played by Steve Dash, and he was only able to be credited as a stuntman, due to contractural obligations they had with Warrington. He wasn’t credited as Jason until the footage appears as flashblack material. Warrington receives credit as Jason in the flashbacks too. So by your reasoning, Steve was also uncredited.

    #11- nope.. in Jason X, the Crystal Lake Research facility is not a camp. The satellite camp, as you call it, wasn’t a “setting” used by the characters.

    However, if it was changed to read “Crystal Lake” instead of “camp”.. That movie (part 5) is the only one that didn’t use a setting there.

    Part 3, was near the camp, but not in the camp, part 4 was the same location, not in a camp. However, both were at crystal lake.

    #18 – John D. LeMay wasn’t put there to tie the series to the movies, it was just a role he went for and got, through his connections. Though they DID try and tie it to the series by suggesting that Jason’s mask was a haunted “power item” like the rest of the shop items in the series. Newline didn’t like that though because it conflicted with plans for Jason, so the “tie” was always considered to be unofficial.

    #20 – Jason X had a short-lived comic series and graphic novel, plus a series of novels. I’ve got one of the silver foil issue covers staring at me right now 🙂

    #21- Stunt doubles play Freddy all the time, which would have to be considered more pertinent to your statement than Kane’s arm is. Kane is just the only other man to have a screen credit as Freddy.

    Bonus- Ken Tarello, the man who makes a claim to making and having the original movie molds from the Part 3 mask (and sells mask copies from it) is the Special FX guy doing Heroes. ( http://www.frightstuff.com )

    I’m a huge fan.. thought I could help. 😉 Feel free to delete my post after updating your list if you want. It’s apparently still getting hits through Google 🙂

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