TV REVIEW: Futurama Season 6 Episode 24 – Cold Warriors

When Fry comes down with a cold after an ice fishing adventure, he puts the whole of Manhattan in danger. The virus had died out a long time ago, but has lain dormant in Fry’s cryogenically frozen body. And since no-one could fight it off… In the terrified words of the Professor: “it might kill everyone… Or no-one. It might even bring some people back to life”

It seems that Futurama was keeping the truly great episodes of the new season for last. This week we have been treated to another great episode of the show that harks back to the pre-cancellation glory days. In battling off the common cold, Fry is reminded of competing to have his childhood science project chosen by NASA to be sent into space. This battle is mirrored in the present day by the gang having to save Manhattan from being hurled into the sun by an over enthusiastic Zapp Brannigan.

Like all the best episodes of this new season, this episode of Futurama is reminiscent of great episodes from the show’s past. Flashbacks are done in the style of Jurassic Bark, solutions are found by launching things into space, a la A Big Ball of Garbage and Fry bonds with his family in a way reminiscent of Leela’s Home World.

Maybe this use of styles from the past works because we, as fans of Futurama, are all suffering from nostalgia and remembering back to how we were when we first saw the show. Whatever the reason, this episode of Futurama, like it’s immediate predecessors, is a work of near genius. The one liners are fast and funny, the sight gags are classic Futurama and there is a tiny bit of sentimentality thrown in, just to even it all out. Even though the idea of sealing a town in a bubble to protect the rest of the world had already been used (Simpsons did it!) this is a truly great episode of Futurama.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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