Quake in fear for I hath returned from the abyss that was San Francisco for the awesomeness that is WonderCon.  Year in and year out it’s by far my favorite show n the convention roulette wheel.  It’s the only one I attend annually no matter what.  And it’s not just because I get Sharks tickets every time.  (Whch by the way stop chocking miserably and start winning again please)  No it’s because it’s nearly perfect every time.  For me it’s the ideal size for a show.  3 days, moderate crowd, and a great atmosphere.  While this year seemed to pale a bit in comparison to others on the “Big name creator” front it sure had some fantastic moments for myself and friends I was with.  


I guess part of what I’m required to do for this is a few things.  Show off some swag, review said swag, and then bs about what stories I can tell and the people I managed to meet and connect with.  As well as tell how my wallet thinks Richard Starkings is a jerk.  First Tiger or no that was evil what he did to me.  Taking my money with so much good product to buy.  You see this also segways into the beauty of the swag bag because pretty much a vast majority of my stuff I snagged from him.  I don’t know who he should thank.  I think it might be my brother for living in a different part of the bay area which made me need lots of reading material every day to last the hour and a half long commuter train trip to downtown San Francisco from his place in San Jose.  


On the first trip to the convention center I decided to check out Elephantmen #16 which I had bought on a whim due to liking what I’ve seen of Chris Burnham’s art on the deviantart.  It hooked me.  It was a great issue that stood alone and told a very cool story about a hitman.  That to me is just awesome.  It got me interested.  That might have been a mistake on my part.  Because that night, I went home with pretty much everything n his table and a couple of gifts for my mothers elementary school library.  (Only elementary school librarian in the area… and people wonder why Americans are dumb)  He also gave the nutty me some good conversation as well as the first issue of Strange Embrace to check out.  Because obviously since I loved horror stuff I would love this one.  So of course I read most of the stack he had given me on the way back to my brothers house.  Good lord I love me some Elephantmen.  Of course I really can’t stop there though.  I now had all the Elephantmen and Hip Flask stuff but I still needed something more.  The next day on the ride back to the convention center I of course read that single issue of Strange Embrace and found it fascinating.  Which made my wallet hate Starkings even more.  Another hardcover in the stack and another great great read for the ride home.  I was content.  I didn’t need any more.  I wasn’t even going to buy any art really.  And then I decided no, I need something to frame on my wall.  So I bought something, and then another something.




Elephantmen War Toys

Elephantmen War Toys



Sort of the Origin Story of the world of Elephantmen.  Them Rampaging across the carcass of Europe after it’s been annihilated by a plague.  These Beast Animals and the consequences of their existence.  Absolutely fantastic book with brilliant greyscale artwork from Moritat.  If you require your comics with color you probably will still be able to enjoy this do to fantastic shading and linework.  And if you need full color to enjoy a comic……well this isn’t for you……..and you are an idiot.   If I were to give a rating it would be a 4 star book with a dry slap for throwing in some good doses of reality.  That and my wallet is still angry.


Captain Stoneheart.


First, Chris Bachalo on art is freaking inspired.  What is this?  It’s an issue of Elephantmen.  Hip Flask telling this childrens story to a young girl who doesnt’ hate the elephantmen even though her mother is an Elephantmanophobe…  Interesting idea for a comic and was a great read in story.  So what better way to put out that issue than with a giant hardcover with an audio CD and classic childrens storybook layout.  No panels.  It’s a storybook.  And it is appropriate for the littluns.  I myself loved it and actually bought the Hardcover for my Mothers school library.  Which now it means kids have an in to the idea of comics.  And I’m glad too as I really enjoyed the story from Joe Kelly  I would give this one a 4 star rating with no dry slaps as the presentation is fantastic and the bonus extra goodies make it brilliantly brilliant.



Art Books are a horrible Vice of Mine.  I love love love art.  I especially love development art ad seeing how a book grows int he mind of an artist and a writer.  This is perfect as it allows you to get inside the minds of the 2 and a pretty decent example of the laborious process that goes into making a comic even before it comes onto a page.  It’s filled with beautiful renderings and process designs and I would easily recommend this to any fan of the art books.  5 Stars and no slaps. 



I ask again.  Do you like awesome?  because this is a damn nice hardcover.  You can also snag it as a softcover but in my eyes it needed a hardcover purchase.  I just loved that initial issue that I read enough to grab this one.  And it was just as good.  I love the characters and the brilliant cyberpunk dystopic future.  It’s actually not the start of the story.  This is an ongoing prequel to the original series which came out before it.  Hip Flask.  So while you might think you know where things are going it’s a fascinating time watching how they are going to get there.  4 Stars and a dry slap for not being oversized like the rest of the books.



now here we are.  Hip Flask.  The Story that started the Elephantmen stuff.  I was so hapy to have snagged this bad boy that I kind of smiled when I went to sit and read it.  And I did.  And I loved it.  Really need to track down the first hardcover for the initial Hip Flash trade but damn I’m loving this stuff and I need more.  Lodronns art is also something to behold.  Stunning in is.  4 Stars and no dry slaps.  



And finally my last book.  Which I was urned on to in a conversation with Starkings and it turned towards Horror.  (I think he wanted me to buy this book) After I brought up the sheer Brilliance of Locke & Key he gave me the first issue of this one and ended up snagging the hardcover.  Fantastic fantastic horror story.  Creepy as hell from start to finish and kept me absolutely riveted.  I still put it just behind Locke & key but considering that one is amazing just behind it is pretty much still amazing.  5 stars and a couple of dry slaps for spooking the piss outta me.


And that’s pretty much it for books.  David Peterson signed a copy of Mouse Guard for my mothers school but as it is not a new purchase I will refrain from talking about how brilliantly awesome the book is.  If you haven’t read it you will just have to figure that out for yourself.  


Finally some art will come.  Not a lot this year and there will be more in next weeks column dedicated to art and all it’s mysterious magical things.  Everything I share now will be from one artist as I have a couple more pieces coming in the mail for silly old me.  All of which are from the artist Stuart Sayger.  ho by the way is amazing and you should really hop to and check out his stuff.  First is a Justice League print that was a gift for something I won’t talk about until I hope to god it happens at which time you will never hear the end of it from me regaling folks with this tale of wonder and excitement.




And finally is the Blue Beetle that actually you can scroll up as it opened the column.


All in all Wondercon was an amazing time.  After a weak start on Friday I was really thinking about not coming back and just hanging out with my brother.  But by the end of the day things took off.  Before the convention I was really unexcited for the New Krypton stuff.  but then got to listen to James Robinson outside of a panel just gushing excitedly which made me go from not caring to really anticipating every issue of it.  My wallet hates him now.  


Next Week in Geek


1. Resident Evil 5


Do I actually need to say anything.  It’s Resident Evil 5.  I’ve been wanting this for a long while.  Can’t wait to finally get my hands on it.  I didn’t touch the demo so now I’m jazzercized for this even more.


2. Madworld


Oh Hell yes.  This just looks brutally brilliant.  And I do mean brutal.  Brutal and stylish.


3. Fables #82 


#81 was one of my favorite issues in a long time.  I’m really wondering how it is going to be followed up.  here is hoping that it’s even close to as good as the last issue because even if it isn’t it will still be a damn solid read.


4. Young Liars #13


My brain finally recovered from issue #12.  It needs to be broken again.  WAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!  I love me some fun and this book is that in a pure undiluted insane form.


5. Captain Britain and MI13 #11


This book has been brilliant awesome from the start.  it’s Dracula…..ON THE MOON!  I really can’t wait to see where this goes and really hope more people buy it as it has been awesome fun from start to finish.


And that is it for now.  Feel free to let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or hitting up my tweeter at

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