EVENT: TGSITG gets a Captain and a Genie

 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is turning into one of biggest cons for sci fi fans in 2012 with so many names announced that it is hard to keep track of. They have just announced the addition of John Barrowman and Philip Glenister.

Here at Geek Syndicate we are always trying to let you know the best events around and this show is one not to miss. We caught up with the team behind the event to ask a few questions.

Geek Syndicate: How long have you been planning this event?
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy: We have been planning The Greatest Show In The Galaxy since October 2011.

GS: Did it start as a Star Trek Voyager event and expand or was there always a cross section you wanted?
TGSITG: It was always going to be a general Sci-Fi, Cult TV & Film Event, it just so happened that the first names we were lucky to have confirmed were the cast of Voyager.

GS: You have an impressive number of actors attending how did you manage all of them especially nearly the entire Voyager cast?
TGSITG: Thank you, we are delighted to offer our line up of guests. Our aim at Treble Ace Events is to provide the ultimate fan & guest experience by brining the highest standard of organisation and customer service skills. We are professional but fans ourselves, this is a great combination which hasn’t gone un-noticed and has given us success in achieving this fantastic guest line up.

GS: There are a cross section of shows represented at the event. Were there any shows you wanted to bring people from but could not?
TGSITG: We hope we have provided a good cross reference of shows this time round. There are more TGSITG events to come, the next being November 17th –18th 2012, where we will expand on this.

GS: What can people expect from the weekend?
TGSITG: There will be Free stage talks, interviews & performances. Plus professional costume & prop exhibitions, unique photo & autograph opportunities. As well as loads to see, enjoy, buy & experience. Fun for all ages and all levels of fandom!

GS: Why was Peterborough chosen as the venue?
TGSITG: The newly branded ‘Peterborough Arena’ is a fantastic venue for the facilities it has to offer, it’s size & location. It is central with great rail & road links being only an hour on the train from London Kings Cross. With people traveling from all over the world to visit it is only 1-2 hours from most major airports. Peterborough is a growing city with a lot to offer outside of our show, extensive shopping, nightlife & culture, so we hope people who are travelling to us for the weekend will take time to explore the city too.

GS: Can you tell us something exclusive that is not announced yet?
TGSITG: We announce everything as soon as we find out ourselves on our website, Facebook page & Twitter. However, we can reveal to you that a little surprise performance from two of our Star Trek guests is planned!

GS: To get the most out of the event what you suggest to attendee’s?
TGSITG: Just come & enjoy, but we do recommend coming early! There will be lots to see & do, so take the whole day or weekend if you wish, and give yourself plenty of time to experience the brilliance that is Sci-fi, Cult TV & Film.

GS: What more can you tell us about the stage interviews, talks and shows?
TGSITG: All of our stage talks, interviews & performances are Free so everyone has the opportunity to be in the audience. There will be Tim Russ’s Band playing live at the end of each day, plus group talks with the Ashes to Ashes cast, Torchwood cast and Doctor Who Movie cast.

Source: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
GS Reporter: Montoya

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