9 Missing Episodes of Doctor Who Located!

doctor who second doctor logoAfter months of rumours, it was revealed today that no fewer than nine missing episodes of Doctor Who (which in case you’ve missed the news celebrates it’s fiftieth anniversary this year) have been recovered. The episodes (along with two others that existed in the BBC archives) were recovered in Nigeria. Read on to discover which episodes were found!

The BBC have revealed that the eleven episodes discovered are from two stories from second Doctor, Patrick Troughton’s time in the TARDIS:

  • 1967-8’s Enemy of the World (Episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • 1968’s The Web of Fear (Episodes 1,2,4,5,6)

Of these, episode 3 of Enemy of the World and episode 1 of the Web of Fear already existed in the BBC archives.

Enemy of the World features Patrick Troughton as lead hero and lead villain in a plot that would not be out of place in a James Bond movie. The villainous Salamander, famed philanthropist, has a sinister agenda into which the Doctor and his friends are drawn by the Time Lord’s physical resemblance to the foreign villain …

Yetis in the Underground!

Yetis in the Underground!

The Web of Fear is both a sequel story and the fore runner of a very popular era of the TV show. Featuring the Great Intelligence (now familiar to viewers of the new series, thanks to Richard E Grant’s performance), this story features an invasion of robotic Yeti in the London underground. The story also introduces the character of Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart who went on to star regularly during the 1970s as the head of a United Nations military task force to which the Third Doctor served as Scientific Advisor.

As a massive fan of Doctor Who and of the Second Doctor in particular, this news has really brightened my day. I’d decided to ignore the rumours as much as possible, chalking it up to anniversary excitement. Then I saw on the Radio Times site that a “couple” of episodes had been found and would be made available to buy digitally…

This is practically a couple of stories! Although one episode (3) of Web is still missing, I hope they can construct an animated version (a la The Invasion and The Ice Warriors and release a DVD. Fans of my generation are familiar with these stories through the novelisations that were published throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. There is no substitute to watching them though!

The episodes have been restored to DVD quality by the team at the BBC. I’ve seen no news yet as to when the episodes will be made available to buy, or by what means. [EDIT: I’ve just seen on Radio Times that the episodes are available now on iTunes and naturally will enter the DVD release schedule]

This means that ninety-seven episodes of 1960s Doctor Who remain missing – twenty-seven missing or incomplete stories from this period.

Source: BBC News
Reporter: A very excited WedgeDoc

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