A brief conversation with Jay aka Jason Mewes

Best known for being slacker Jay in a series of films directed by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes recently attended Birmingham’s collector fest Memorabilia. He took time off from his busy schedule to talk about con’s, films, action figures and what his viewing habits are.

What are your experiences on conventions like these?

“I don’t know really most of the time I don’t get to do these which is a good thing I guess because that mean’s people coming to my table. I usually sit at my table and I get to meet a lot of interesting people there’s people I find that I have no idea would watch my movies, sometimes it would be 60-70 year old women. There’s people who come up, stuttering and shaking and they are really sweaty. It’s an interesting thing to see that different people come and enjoy themselves but I don’t get to walk around and look at the cool stuff.”

Films like Clerks and Mallrats, have a massive geek following. Could you explain why?

“I don’t know why I think from what I’ve been told or heard I hear people can relate to some of the characters. Kevin talks about Star Wars and comic books all the time. I would assume it’s that. People who dress up as Star Wars characters, it’s exciting for them. They are watching a comedy and the characters are spitting out dialogue from a Star Wars movie and about the Death Star this and that. For the Jay and Bob characters there always people who say we have friends like that and talk like that and hang about with each other and are obnoxious you know. I think that’s a reason.”

How does it compare to working alongside Kevin Smith to working with directors?

“It’s way different just because even I work with someone I enjoy, I worked with a couple of directors that I really got along with and I hung out with them and became friends with them or whatever. Kevin is someone I’ve known forever and is more of an older brother type and we work with the same people all the time, we always have a great time.”

Your mate Kevin Smith has written for comics. Any plans you might do the same and which character would you like to write a story for?

“I would like to do a lot of things. It’s possible but I don’t know if I have the writing skills to write a comic and if I was to make it happen it would be something interesting, different. I can’t say off the top off my head what it would it be about but I’d like to do a bit of everything.”

You worked in Vancouver a while ago, what was that like?

“I’ve only worked there once but I like it. I went to the suspension bridge and we lived in this warehouse. It was interesting but I like Canada and Toronto as that’s where I’ve been spending a lot of time. I might be doing a TV show in Winnipeg, its just got picked up its called “Todd and the Pure Book of Evil”. We did a pilot a year ago and I’m going to play a janitor which is kind of like a Crypt keeper role.”

You have an action figure based on your character. Do you play with it or do you keep it in a mint condition?

“I don’t have an action figure. I have one of me but I do not own an action figure any of those I don’t know why but I just don’t have one. I think because every time I had one someone would come and I would just give it to them. I used to collect a lot of action figures. I really ran out of room and I lost a bunch of them and I’ve given them to my wife’s boss’s son. I started throwing them into boxes cos’ I seriously ran out of room. I moved to LA in 2003 and I’ve moved literally nine times and so I had to pack them up put them back. I had a bunch of statues that were great but from moving so many times Batman’s ear’s missing and someone’s thumbs this and that. I had to stop getting them but I still get the Justice League action figures they have these exclusives in the six packs and everyone once in a while I see a statue I really want and I’ll get it.”

Which TV shows do you watch?

“Merlin, Robin Hood, Legend Of The Seeker, Law and Order, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Tudors. I really like Tudors. 24 but I don’t watch Prison Break. I watched the first season and I thought come on! Lost I don’t watch and Dexter I never watch. There’s no embarrassing ones. I watch the Hills, that’s sort of embarrassing! My wife’s friend was in the first episode of Laguna Beach cos’ that’s where she’s from. All those shows I watch and it sucks cos’ I gotta try and keep up with them but I like to wait.

GS Reporter: Neil Patel

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