A Few Photos from Batman Live Auditions – Did you go?

Some of you may be aware that there were auditions being held today in London for the Batman Live stage show. Mark, on of the GS team, was able to pop along during his lunch break and snap a couple of shots of some of those who had braved London Transport in costume.

Here’s another shot which comes via Batmanlivespy on Twitter.

According to Mark the Batman hopefuls wher in good spirits, apart from mild hypothermia. Best of luck to all who braved the audition yesterday and if you did go drop us a line/comment and let us know how it went.

GS Reporters: Mark/Nuge

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One comment

  1. William Campbell /

    I’m the joker leaning on robbin the the photo above, its was and intresting time.
    waiting out side in the cold for 6 hours 3 of which were just the the press could take photos of us all.
    it was a stange exsprence to say the least, but i met some fantastic people and i with the production its self the best of luck.

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