A Few Pictures from the Saturn Awards 2015

So we packed GS team member Christi Kassity  off to the 2015 Saturn Awards and here are some of the pics she has manage to snap so far.


Met the super sweet @grantgust who just received his Breakthrough Performance award


Andrew Lincoln with steampunk slave Leia and Steampunk Han Solo. Only at #SaturnAwards


The lovely @candicekp on the red carpet at the #SaturnAwards


The queen, Melissa McBride, from #TheWalkingDead at the Saturn Awards


Our stunning #SaturnAwards host for the night, and one of the sweetest ladies on the planet, @YNB

candicekp2 candicekp3 drewroy grantgustin
GS Blogger:Christi Kassity

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