A First Glimpse of ‘300: Rise of an Empire’

300-rise-of-an-empire-Sullivan-Stapleton-300x401No Gerald Butler, but 300’s sequel promises more of the winning formula. For years the plot of the proposed 300 sequel has largely been a mystery, but now we have something more concrete from director Noam Murro, as well as the first look at Sullivan Stapleton as Themistokles.

The film had gone under the title of 300: The Battle of Artemisia, and was thought to be based on Frank Miller’s upcoming Dark Horse miniseries Xerxes (which is in itself, a sequel to the original comic 300). Now we know that this film, was written by 300 director Zack Snyder & Kurt Johnstad, takes place around the same time as the original, and follows Themistokles and co. as they face off against the Persian at sea.

Murro said the film will have the same look & feel of the original, but has “a whole different choreography of fighting and war,” thanks to the naval setting.

Eva Green plays Artemesia, the leader of the Persian navy and second-in-command to Rodrigo Santoro, who reprises his role as Xerxes. “She does most of Xerxes’ dirty work in this film,” Stapleton said. “She’s seeking revenge, and she does it well. She’s a force to be reckoned with.”

But the film has a very different hero this time around, compared to Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas. “Themistokles is battle-scarred and a warrior, but at the same time he’s a politician,” Murro said. “He’s not the king. He has to rule in a democracy. It’s a different complexity of character.”

The director also pointed out how different his soldiers are. “These people don’t want to fight, they even say that they are not Spartans,” Murro said. “They are common people who have to do this to not be in under the rule of a dictator. This is not a duplicate movie or a cookie-cutter. It’s a very different story to tell in keeping with the original flavor of 300.”

300: Rise of an Empire opens Aug 2nd.

Source: US Today
Reporter: SilverFox

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