A Hobbit goes Cowabunga Dude

The kids TV network Nickelodeon had already announced that they were working on a CG Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtle series. It has just been announced that Sean Astin has signed on to play the part of Raphael in the new series. I love Astin and think he is a cool choice for the role.

Ahh nostalgia of the 80’s does smell sweet. Here is what Astin said about the role to EW.

EW: Raphael has typically been portrayed as the grumpiest Turtle. Is that still true in the new series?

SEAN ASTIN: Do you mean to say the coolest?

Well, he was explicitly “cool, but rude” in the original cartoon. Is he still rude?

He’s still working through issues. He’s really good at what he does, and he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Sometimes that arrogance can get him in a little bit of trouble.

You’re obviously a little biased, but is he your favorite Ninja Turtle?

He’s everybody‘s favorite Ninja Turtle. Raphael’s the coolest, no question about it. Ask anybody.



GD Reporter: Montoya


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