A James T Kirk cameo in the new Star Trek movie ?

William Shatner responds to the claim that J.J Abrams had written a cameo for Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. I’ll let billy boy do the talking.

To be honest the whole it’s hard to bring back some from the dead is bullshit. Comics, TV and movies do that all the time. As far as I’m concerned James T Kirk died in generations and as deaths’ go saving the Enterprise and a star system was a pretty decent one. How about we just leave it at that rather than coming up with some corny way to bring him back to life for a cheeky cameo.

If your trying to reboot the Star Trek franchise with new actors playing characters we’ve know and loved then having the orginal actors in there running about is going to make that difficult. Ok we’ve got Leonard Nimoy in there and that’s enough. When you look at the premise of the movie at least Nimoy’s role seems pretty┬áintegral┬árather than a flashy cameo.

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  1. Bingo Long /

    How about a cameo from Denny Crane? He can defend a Romulan with Mad Klingon Disease!

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