A New Bat Dance for a New Millennium ?

So we all remember Adam West’s classic Bat Dance scene from the 60’s Batman show right? In case you don’t here’s a little refresher for you.

Well it seems that we have a new contender for the throne or at least someone trying to put a different spin on it. Check out a Bat dance for 2010!

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  1. Spikey_p /

    This thread was grossly mis-sold to me, I’m actually quite upset. This actually has no connection to Prince whatsoever.

    What you have there in the first instance, sirs, is the Batutsi – a popular go-go style for the modish male in late 60s Austen Powers-type venues, fondly remembered by the likes of Grant Morrison and the Simpsons writing staff, as well as Quentin Tarrantino who nicked some of it’s better moves for the Jive Dance contest in Pulp Fiction.

    BatDance, on the other hand, is a force of nature to be reckoned with.

    To this day, not one single person on the face of this Earth can adequately explain how one of the first creative decisions made during the development of the first Batman film was to go:-

    “Jack Nicholson, Joker: Check.
    Dark Knight w. awesome car & kevlar bodyarmour: Check
    Gothy Beetlejuice guy to direct: Check
    Dark, gothic, Vertigo-style retro cityscape w. gloomy noir colour pallette: Check.”

    “Something’s missing though, something absolutely crucial… Can’t put my finger on what it is exactly… Something that will really tie together this inky retro nightmare world of perpetual night…”


    “Of course! It’s been staring us straight in the face, what blind fools we’ve been! ”

    “We need to get some Super-cali-fragi-sexxy all up in here!”

    “Light up some incense, lay on some sensual candles, have my desk trimmed with black lace and let us begin to speak the litany and summon The Purple One to aid us in our time of need…”

    “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life…
    An Electric word “life”, it means “forever” and that’s a mighty long time, but I’m here t’tell ya;
    There’s something else:- The Afterworld….”

  2. Spikey_p /

    For copywrite reasons far too long to explain or go into, it is impossible to view the video for Batdance online, or indeed any of the 8 or so INSANE videos Prince made for some from the Batman soundtrack…. At least it is if you want to see it with any sound.

    For those interested (and I HIGHLY reccommend it),

    1) open this link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2W6w47hV1U but pause it and mute it in the Youtube player.

    2) In a second tab, load and pause this clip :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmvRpWWpgiI , making sure that this one is not muted.

    3) Set both clips back to zero and click play on the first clip.

    4) At approximately the 20 second mark, hit play on the second clip and switch back to watching the first (mute) clip and sit back and enjoy a video experience that has been legally prohibited for nearly 20 years.

    5) Alternatively, just watch this:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2WzJO4Ro7Y . Because it’s just as awesome.

    We are The Order of the Purple Rose. And we are everywhere.

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