A new Star Trek series anyone?

At a recent Star Trek convention some news popped up about a possible new Star Trek series.

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Trek Web spoke to David Foster about what the possible plans were. I loved the new film but not sure if another series is what is needed right now. Do not get me wrong, I loved the Star Trek series, even Voyager and Enterprise but the film has made some amazing strides to bring Star Trek to the masses and a series might drop that well deserved kudos down a little. Anyway here is some of the interview below:

Trevino: Exactly how much can you tell me about your secret Star Trek project?

Foster: As you can imagine, I have to be very careful with the information that is released on this proposed Star Trek series, as we are still working with several people that can hopefully make this happen.

Trevino: Can you tell us a little about how your series came about?

Foster: In 2006, Kevin Severson and I co-created our Trek series idea. It went through various stages of development over recent years. In September 2010, Kevin Severson died suddenly from a stroke. He left behind his wife and two children, his friends and family, and a dream that has yet to be fully realized, though Kevin was already living his dream during the development of this series.

Trevino: What can you tell us about the series concept?

Foster: The series concept is fully developed, subject to change of course, with a solid 5-7 year series plan, pilot script and a conceptualized finale that intends to define Star Trek for generations, extensive character bios, costume and ship/set designs, and more. This is a drastic departure from the typical 8-10 page treatment of the previously pitched Star Trek series ideas that have not included even a pilot script.

Trevino: What is the time frame of your series?

Foster: The series is set in the post-Voyager era, and is designed to return Star Trek to its original series roots in big and mighty ways, without disregarding the other series and movies. As Star Trek (2009) was an alternate timeline, it will not conflict with any canon there either (Note: David does accept it as an “alternate canon”, if you will). The co-creators are avid believers in Gene Roddenberry’s ‘positive view of the future’ and intend to bring Star Trek back to its origins while moving forward with the timeline, integrating the best aspects of each of the previous series.

 Trevino: What kind of show will it be?

Foster: The series is highly energized with a much younger cast, and uses cutting-edge future technologies with newly envisioned special effects and designs. It includes Klingons, Ferengi, Andorians, Vulcans, Trill, and many more. The Klingons are getting very restless since the Praxis incident forced them to come to the peace tables, and are tired of having to rely on the Federation for support. The Ferengi have discovered a vast new resource that has propelled them towards instant riches and power beyond anything they have previously experienced.

So what do you geeks think about this? Head over to Trek Web for the full article.

SOURCE: Trek Web

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  1. Aerliss /

    I was getting all excited until he said ‘younger cast’. It’s not so much that I have issues with a young, pretty cast but what this says about the way they’re going to treat Trek. That they think a ‘younger cast’ should be part of its selling point sets off alarm bells.

  2. bigV /

    I was getting all excited until I read “Klingons are getting very restless since the Praxis incident”…

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