A Peter Pan Comic for Grown-ups

Peter Pan comicPeter Pan is one of those books that children lap up but can sometimes leave adults cold because the fantastical elements are too dreamlike and seem to lack coherence.  That doesn’t mean to say that it lacks quality, but that the manner in which the story was originally told is less accessible to modern adults than perhaps it could be.  Gregory Maguire managed to make Frank L Baum’s Oz series palatable with his Wicked series by contextualising the fantasy with well-crafted internal logic and by peopling the world with believable and complex characters.  Where Oz is reborn for an adult audience, let Pan follow!

Anyone who reads my Cinebook Reviews articles will know what a passion I’ve developed for the European comic scene and I’m pleased to announce that Peter Pan’s rebirth comes to us in the form of a French comic, translated into English and published on 30th May by Turnaround UK and later available in the US from Soaring Penguin Press.  Here’s what the publishers have to say about it:

Before he became Peter Pan, before his arrival to Neverland, he was a boy fighting for survival. Born into the suburbs of harsh, Dickensian London, to an alcoholic mother who leaves him in an almost-orphan state, Peter’s only retreat from reality is the fantastical stories given to him by a friendly neighbour — allowing him to escape temporarily from the darkness of the adult world.

Told in language as strong as his mother’s brandy, Peter’s story is no less intoxicating. While nearly devoid of comfort and compassion, Peter’s world becomes rich in magic. Lost fairies, pirates and sirens form a cast both shocking and strangely familiar — this is J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan story for an adult audience.

For the first time this six-volume bande dessinée series has been translated into English and collected in one hardcover, omnibus graphic novel. Through his emotive and engaging artwork, Loisel offers a unique take on a well-known tale that goes into a grim and dark world; the type of childhood where staying a child is not an option.

About the author: Régis Loisel is widely acknowledged as the first French author to have worked in the fantasy genre in recent decades, his style having become the standard for other European authors working in the genre. He is known best for his work on the best-selling series The Quest of the Time-Bird (La Quete de l’Oiseay du Temps) and his second series Peter Pan. Loisel has also worked with Disney on various animated films such as Mulan and Atlantis.

Format: 336 pages, full colour, hardcover

Now, some of you folks may find the hardback release a little prohibitive at the cover price of £29.99, but this promises be the sort of collectors piece and high quality gift that will be treasured for years to come.  No news of a paperback release yet, so start pestering those rich relatives.  We’ll be bringing you a full review of the book here on the Geek Syndicate site as soon as we can, but for now take a look at these images to whet your appetite.

Peter Pan comic1

Peter Pan 2








Want to pre-order?  The ISBN is 9781908030078.  Those looking to purchase in bulk for their shops can get hold of the book from Turnaround UK and Diamond Comics UK (Order code: MAY132444)

Reporter: Dion Winton-Polak

Source: Soaring Penguin Press, Google Images

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