A REAL Sonic Screwdriver Invented?

That sound you hear? It’s loads of Doctor Who fans waving around their toy sonic screwdrivers in joy after hearing the news from BBC that scientists from the University of Dundee have actually created a real, working sonic screwdriver!

“Like Doctor Who’s own device, our sonic screwdriver is capable of much more than just spinning things around” says Dr. Mike MacDonald from University of Dundee. While not exactly built to fight off space-invading enemies or open locked doors, the researchers have created a machine that uses ultrasound to lift and rotate a rubber disc in a cylinder of water.

Well, no one said it was as portable as The Doctor’s own screwdriver but what’s truly amazing is that it’s the first time ultrasound waves are being used to turn objects instead of pushing them. Even better is that the Dundee screwdriver could make surgery using the technology much more precise.

What could be better than saving a life? Even the The Doctor would agree with that one.

Source: BBC
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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