A sad day for Tales of the Gold Monkey fans

When Raiders of Lost Ark came out and became a smash hit it spawned a lot of wannabes trying to cash in. Some were only fit to shine Indy’s boots ( Allan Quatermaine and the Lost City of Gold, Sky Pirates and Bring em back alive start polishing!).

For me one the show’s that came closest to capturing that thrill a minute adventure ride that was Raiders was a 80’s TV show called Tales of the Gold Monkey. The stories surrounded ace cargo pilot/adventurer Jake Cutter, his seaplane ‘Cutter’s Goose’, Jack, a one eyed dog (with eye patch no less),Sarah, a british spy and Corky the plane’s alcoholic mechanic.

I loved this show as a kid and still do as an adult. It had everything a adventure fan could want, Nazis, Spies, Samurais,Exotic locales, exploding volcano, last minute seaplane escapes, death traps and a one eye dog who barked once for yes and twice for no. The premise of TOTGM was later reworked by Disney and became the cartoon Talespin.

The sad news is that I’ve just found out that Jeff MacKay, who played Corky died on 22nd of August from liver failure.

Jeff Mackay as Corky

Apparently Universal Studios were gonna get the cast back together to film some extras for a DVD boxset earlier this year but these plans got put on hold due to the cost of preparing the episodes for release. I hope this is something Universal are able to finish and put out as it would be a great tribute to Jeff who was just fantastic in the show.

Here’s a clip of the opening credits for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.

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  1. He played an alcoholic and he died of liver failure. C’mon. Tell me the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor? RIP Jeff Mackay. You seemed like one of the good guys…

  2. geeksyndicate /

    Yeah I know irony…is a harsh mistress.

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