A sad day for us 24 fans

No the series isn’t ending, it’s worst than that. The one character I cheered at when she left the series is coming back. I just saw this bit of news over at Beyond Hollywood

Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got a signed contract! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Cuthbert has inked a deal to reprise her role as Jack’s lightning rod of an offspring for a season-ending arc that will no doubt trigger a new round of wholly outdated and painfully unfunny cougar jokes. Per my 24 mole, Kim will return minus her old beau (sorry, C. Thomas Howell) and plus a child! That’s right, Kim’s got a little puma all her own!


Great! Thumbs up to the 24 casting team! I can’t wait for some more Kim action!…yes I am being sarcastic. For me Kim in 24 had her own nick name…Kim ‘time for a cuppa’ Bauer. Whenever she came on I knew it was going to be some stupid scene (don’t even start me on the CTU agent in 6 months thing or the cougar) that would do my head in so it was the perfect time get myself a cup of tea.

As 24 is heading back to our screens soon I guess I better stock up on tea bags *sighs*


I'm just as capable as my dad! Of course you are Kim, of course you are...


GS Reporter: The Nuge
Source: Beyond Hollywood

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