A Short Film To Prepare You For Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner get in the mood with ‘Scream Queens’ a short film by Redshirt Films.

SCREAM QUEENS starts in the final act of a classic slasher movie. Cornered in a remote farm, the heroes of the movie make one final stand… but things don’t go down by horror rules!
Arriving just in time for Halloween, this is a slasher horror film like no other! Presented in GOREIOUS 2D for your viewing pleasure!
Shot on a budget of £200 in a remote farm on the outskirts of York in near freezing weather, this film is a love letter to all the Friday the 13ths, Nightmares we’ve had on Elm Street and Bloody Valentines stuffed into washing machines. With more
blood spraying than the Black Knight and practical special effects that shouldn’t make grown ups chuckle in such a twisted manner… SCREAM QUEENS is a fantastic little film to plump up Halloween watch lists.
Prepare yourself and watch this cool movie below


Source: Redshirt Films
GS Blogger: darkphoenix1701

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