A spooky remake on the way

According to the scfi wire the classic movie being fattened for the kill is Poltergeist. Now I’m not usually a fan of ghost movies but I really enjoyed Poltergeist.

Yeah touch the haunted tv, smart move...none too bright are yer love?

I can’t stop it from being remade so not going to bitch about it(but I could…just so you know). I just hope they keep to the core of the original movie but you can never tell these days (the last 15 minutes of the remake of assault of Precinct 13 nearly sent my TV through the window).

Remakes, in general, are a tricky beast to tame. On the one hand people don’t want to see the same movie scene for scene (as they might as well watch the original if they’re a fan) but if you stray too much away from the source material you can end up alienating your fan base.

All I know is ever since I watched the original movie I’ve always got my holy water and crucifix close to hand when I see static on a TV screen. Oh and a small child to throw if the TV makes a grab for me (can never be too careful with haunted TV’s).

Source: Scifi.com

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