Abaddon’s Open Submission Results in Two New Titles

Abaddon is releasing two brand new e-novella’s: Tomes of the Dead: Dead Stop, by Mark Clapham and Ritual Crimes Unit: Skinflux by E. E. Richardson. If you remember, back in July 2012 we brought the news that Abaddon Books had turned six and was calling for open submissions as part of those anniversary celebrations. The plan was to release e-novellas which would enhance Abaddon’s shared world mission, and add a little pulp to all our lives. Or come up with a new idea, a new world, that could be added to the imprint’s cannon.

Congratulations to the aforementioned Clapham and Richardson who were chosen from dozens of submissions last Autumn. In fact, there were so many people keen to be part of the Abaddon family that the whole project took months longer than originally planned. The Tomes of the Dead series features stand alone zombie stories but themed around reinterpretations of the genre. Ritual Crime Unit is set in a new supernatural/police procedural world. Both will be released as mobi and epub formats: Ritual Crime Unit: Under the Skin is released in September this year, and Tomes of the Dead: Dead Stop is due out in November. So put those dates in your diary!

Tomes of the Dead: Dead Stop by Mark Clapham features a young man who’s able to see ghosts (the after affects of a traumatic incident when he was younger). He meets the ghost of a woman killed in the first wave of the zombiepocalypse. She wants him to find and kill her zombie body so that she can rest.

Ritual Crimes Unit: Skinflux by E. E. Richardson concerns “skin-changers” (people who can change into animal shapes by using ritually-prepared animal skins). A scene of crime officer at a murder enquiry finds evidence suggesting that an unregistered and unlicensed skin-changer (itself a crime) may have done the impossible and discovered how to shapeshift using human skin.

New Abaddon Books commissioning editor David Moore said: “The response to the open month last autumn was amazing, and more than a little daunting. So many brilliant pitches landed on my desk – both for our existing lines and for amazing new worlds – that I honestly struggled to pick out just a couple for publishing. After the months of reading, winnowing and agonising, I had to spend nearly two whole days rejecting some genuinely brilliant submissions and wishing I wasn’t. In the end, though, Elizabeth and Mark – two great up-and-coming young authors with great visions and palpable talent – blew me away with their ideas. I’m fantastically pleased to be welcoming them to the Abaddon stable.”

For more information, see http://www.abaddonbooks.com/titles

Source: Abaddon Books
Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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