Aces Weekly Launches Soon

If you like comics the likelihood is that you have heard of V for Vendetta. The story of the anarchist crime fighter V who many political groups have taken the image to resemble their own movement. Well artist of V David Lloyd is launching a digital anthology from the 30th September under the name Aces Weekly.

The list of creators is incredible and it is something I for one am looking forward to. The creators include

Algesiras; Kyle Baker; Antonio Baretti; Antonio Bifulco; Steve Bissette; Dan Christensen; Carl Critchlow; Ben Dickson; Colleen Doran; Phil Elliott; Hunt Emerson; Henry Flint; Ferg Handley; Marc Hempel; Esteban Hernandez; Phil Hester; Dave Hine; David Hit…

chcock; Kev Hopgood; Shaky Kane; Mychailo Kazybrid; Roger Langridge; Batton Lash; Kathryn Jay Layno; David Leach; Yishan Li; David Lloyd; Alain Mauricet; Paul Maybury; John McCrea; Mindy McPeak; Gavin Mitchell; Paul Peart; Giuseppe Rungetti; Louis Shaeffer; Bill Sienkiewicz; Lew Stringer; Dylan Teague; Alexandre Tefengki; Herb Trimpe; Billy Tucci; JC Vaughn; Emma Vieceli; Rory Walker; Mark Wheatly.

If you want to find out more about Aces Weekly, check them out on Facebook, Twitter or their website.
Source: Aces Weekly
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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