Action Platformer Blasphemous Now to Appear on Consoles Too!

Blasphemous is currently the subject of an active Kickstarter campaign. It reached its target of $50,000 in around 24 hours and now sits at just over $170,000. Developer The Game Kitchen, has now confirmed that the game will be coming to consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One) alongside its previously planned PC release. If you did previously back the game and would like to change your pledge to “console”, there are ways to do this through the “Manage your Pledge” option on Kickstarter, although if you pledged more than $200 will be asked to choose anyway.

If you have yet to hear about Blasphemous, it’s a fast-paced action platformer with a lovely bleak pixel art style that will be more than likely to tickle the nostalgia gland of any gamer who used to game during the early years of the media form. As you might imagine from the game’s title, it’s set in what is described as a “very twisted religious world” called Orthodoxia. Orthodoxia is a place where superstition rules and there are more churches than people. The player enters the world after the Age of Corruption (a great name for a metal band!) and finds that everyone has been turned into strange beasts for daring to blaspheme and not worship with all their hearts. Not a place to go on holiday then.

The gameplay itself is described as quick-paced and chain building, building up the player’s powers until they hit the Martyr’s Excommunication mode, a form that makes you almost invincible. This will likely come in handy once you get to one of the large boss battles that populate the game world. Add into this a progression system that should let you adopt your own play style and a large world to explore, and Blasphemous is sounding like it could be quite the prospect. The initial release is set for Q1 2019 so there will be a little wait but still, it sounds pretty intriguing to me. You can visit the Blasphemous Kickstarter by clicking here.

Source: Blasphemous Game
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