AD LANE’S 72 Hour Film Fundraising TWEETATHON

Antony Lane is a independant film maker trying to get his first feature film made (Invasion of the Not Quite Dead), he is having a fun rasing drive next week in the form of a Tweetathon.

If you can help it would be great as Ad is a great guy and the concept for the movie is awesome and original!

Ad can be found on Twitter and he has a Blog

UK Filmmaker AD Lane announces a non stop 72 hour film fundraising tweetathon for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19th at 11:59pm ending FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th at 11:59pm.


On Tuesday 19th October film entrepreneur AD Lane will begin a 72 hour non stop film fund raising twitter marathon in the hope of raising money andawareness for his debut horror film ‘Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead’ which has attached Zach Galligan.


During the summer of 2007 film graduate Antony Lane came out of the International Film School of Wales with a 2nd class hons degree and a passion to make a unique horror film, this horror film was called ‘Invasion Of The NOT QUITE Dead’. Unfortunately Antony found out the hard way that unique films very rarely get funded in the UK especially if you’re a first time filmmaker.

Over the course of the next 2 years Antony worked full time on the project, but even with the help of such industry heavy weights as Oscar Nominated Ken Russell, Hollywood actor Kevin Pollak, Hollywood special FX make up artist Tom Savini, it just wasn’t enough to bring the film any funding, instead what began was a battle of passion and determination for Antony to make it on his own to raise his movies budget independently.

Since there was a huge fan base growing to see Antony’s film made he decided to put the fate of his movie in to the hands of the fans, he figured if they wanted to see ‘Invasion’ badly enough then it might make more sense to FAN FUND his independent movie project. His idea was to bring the best people from the industry to work on the film and give the fans a chance to participate and follow the journey in real time, so in MAY 2009 Antony launched THE INDYWOOD MOVIE PROJECT to great success.

The idea to sell pre-order producer packages is the latest strategy many filmmakers are using to fund their films now, but back in early 2009 it was never heard of, Antony took a real risk at being the first to try it out.

For over a year an a half Antony would be on twitter between 10-15 hours a day 7 days a week film fund raising and raising fan awareness for his debut film, showing great determination and strength to make his movie become a reality.

Since launching his INDYWOOD project Antony has sold close to 600 pre-order producer packages to 20 different countries, raising over £20,000, showing that fans alone can bring a movie to life even the undead kind.

Producer packages give the fan a chance to get closer to the movie they are supporting, which could include being a zombie for the day, seeing their name in the credits, receiving signed merchandise, having the chance to attend the wrap party and premier, or even seeing their name during the intro credits as an Executive Producer. Every producer will also have access in November to a special password protected producers lounge based at the Indywood Films website, where everyone who has contributed will be able to watch the movie un-fold in real-time, watch exclusive clips, read parts of the script, see un-published photos and even have the chance of being on set LIVE from their own living room when we do daily streaming from the set.

As of October 19th, 2010, Antony will be launching phase two of his film fundraising campaign on twitter, starting with a publicity stunt which will involve Antony Lane & Melvyin Phillimore of Indywood Films doing a 72 hour non stop twitter fundraising marathon, hoping to raise £5000 over the course of the 3 days and also to raise awareness for the charity OCD ACTION of which 10% of money raised will go to help support this well deserved charity organization.

The tweetathon will be going out LIVE on webcam and will have Antony updating the site every hour with the latest update on money raised.

Antony is hoping to raise an additional £30,000 before filming begins in early 2011.

The fan base on twitter is now approaching 45,000 followers with many people offering to help in any way they can, including some amazing dedication from people like, Kodus Miah who contributed £1000, Richard Lawson who donated close to 100 of his best DVDs for the project to sell on ebay and most recently a man by the name of Damien Ahuir who has donated a very rare and collectible NIRVANA album case for AD Lane to sell during the three day fund raising event.

“This one man dream has become the dream of thousands. AD makes sacrifices for this to happen, and so can I. This is why I am donating this Nirvana collectible, bought in Cannes, South of France in 1996 it shows the CD of the live album From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah in a wooden case with a cert showing number 282 of 3000 worldwide limited edition. I want to see a star rise and say… I was part of it…” Damien Ahuir

Antony has also been very lucky to attach the band WHEATUS (‘Teenage Dirtbag’, ‘Listening To Lightning’) to do some original music for ‘Invasion’.

Filming will begin early 2011 with Hollywood actor Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Frank Jakeman (Breathe), Holly Matthews (Waterloo Road), Terry Stone (Rise Of The Footsoldier), James Fisher (The Zombie Diaries), Victoria Broom (Dead Cert) and Alison Carroll (Doghouse).

Antony Lane’s film project has now really caught the hearts and minds of thousands of people from all over the world and is a huge inspiration to many, showing that one man can make a difference, one man can rise from nothing and create a huge fan base and produce a unique horror film that no studio would dare touch.

follow AD’S 72 hour live tweetathon, ending on Friday evening at 11:59pm: @indywoodfilms

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