ADVANCED COMIC REVIEW – Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #1

John Ostrander has written many of the Star Wars comics that Dark Horse have published over the last few years but he’s never put out a Star Wars book like this. Imagine if Ian Fleming and George Lucas got drunk one night and this was the little surprise the world got nine months later. The DNA of Bond is ever present in this new series and it is a interesting mix of Cold War spy story and a galaxy far far away.

Jahan Cross is a secret agent for Imperial Intelligence. In this first issue he uncovers corruption in the Imperial structure and it leads him to the Corporate Sector of the galaxy (a section of the galaxy not under imperial control). This comic is a love letter to James Bond, it even has the classic Bond visits Q branch scene with lots of gadgets and the always present malfunctioning experiment.

The writing by Ostrander is outstanding, he draws the reader into the story and makes you like the character of Jahan Cross almost immediately. He obviously loves the Star Wars universe which is evident by a few references to the prequel films and a pretty big cameo by a main Original Trilogy character. Like I said earlier this is a interesting mix of Bond and Star Wars and after reading it I was surprised it was the first time it has been done.

The art by Stephane Roux is great. It stays within the “House Style” that most Dark Horse Star Wars books have but it does have it’s own touch to it that sets it apart from the rest. The fight scenes are excellently rendered but the backgrounds could be a more detailed.


This is a excellent Spy comic that just happens to be set in the Star Wars Universe. If you are a fan of the spy genre then I cannot recommend this enough. If you are not a Star Wars fan or a fan of Spy stories then there isn’t much here for you. The writing is at a very high level and the art only just falls short of greatness. It is a solid comic and a great start for a interesting new ongoing title.

GS Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

GS Reviewer: Matt Pease

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