Adventures at SDCC 2013 with Corey Brotherson – Day 0

100_2480San Diego Comic Con 2013 is about to kick off and GS reporters Shar, Mirjana and Christi will be there bringing you all the news from the convention floor and panels. However we also wanted to get a more personal view from some of the creators who are attending and exhibiting at the show. To achieve this feat I approached UK comic creator Corey Brotherson (Magic of Myths, Clockwork Watch,Stolen, Fight or Flight) . Corey kindly agreed to do us a little diary of their time at the San Diego, so I now hand you over to Corey who is just at the beginning of the adventure…


Day 0

“That’s so cool!”

Funnily enough, it didn’t seem all too cool in prospect the night before. Sleeping in a supermarket car park, that is.

Okay, so this may not be quite what you were expecting for a write-up on San Diego Comic-Con. So: context. My name is Corey Brotherson – by day I’m a content producer for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe ( primarily), by night I don a baggy t-shirt and a wild-eyed (read: sleep deprived) disposition to write comic books. In fact, I’ve been writing them since 2006. And despite the redness you see in my eyes, they make me very happy.

My girlfriend has seen many of the long nights, sleepwalking, panics, crippling bouts of self-doubt and everything else that comes with being a creator. Yet, when I mentioned the idea of flying half way across the world to San Diego Comic-Con, she pushed me hard to make sure this dream became a reality. And when I got talking to my friends/fellow creators Yomi Ayeni and Jennie Gyllblad, we formed a plan of action to bring it all together.

Of course, it’s never that easy. Even if you get past the waiting list to get a table at Comic-Con, you still have to contend with payments and the mountains of rules, regulations and paperwork – which is also over half a dozen forms, faxing bank details, and many, many emails if you live outside the US. Not to mention the cost of flights, the logistics of getting your stock over there along with all your essential equipment, accommodation, transport and so on. It’s a large amount of work and stress long before you can even taste the sun-touched Californian air.

But it’ll be worth it. Everyone says it will be. We’d be promoting books I’ve spent years working on – primarily fantasy series Magic of Myths and steampunk adventure Clockwork Watch – making valuable contacts within the industry and reaching a wider audience that we’d have little hope of reaching otherwise.

It’ll be worth it.



Landing in Los Angeles airport on the Saturday night – a few days before the show – I meet my partner in crime, Yomi, who has a Jeep full of Clockwork Watch and Magic of Myths copies delivered from our Nashville based printer. Jennie, unfortunately, had to back out of our trip, so the three of us who worked on our steampunk transmedia story Clockwork Watch (Yomi the creator, Jennie the artist/letterer and myself the adapting writer and editor) was sadly reduced to two for Comic-Con. To reduce costs – hotels usually jack up the prices of their rooms to take advantage of Comic-Con attendees – we decide to use ‘Gladys’ as our base. Gladys is a 47 year old, 26ft Airstream trailer complete with sink, bathroom, stove and three beds. Yomi, who travelled to the USA several days ahead of me, had to drive Gladys down from Los Banos (mid California) to Los Angeles to pick me up, then drive us down to San Clemente before we make our final stop to San Diego. And Gladys, bless her, is not a dainty lady. With the Jeep towing her, she takes up around two and a half full parking spaces. So after quick pit stop at a Japanese karaoke restaurant/bar (for food, sake and beer, not singing) we have to find somewhere big enough to park her for the night.

Which happens to be a nearby supermarket car park.

If I wasn’t so tired, I probably would have had visions of the police filing a report about how they discovered two black guys from the UK, holed up in “a lady called Gladys”, buried alive by a mountain of steampunk and fantasy comic books.

Any press is good press, as they say.

Surprisingly, we don’t get turfed out of our temporary home before breakfast. Instead, we woke up to friendly people doing their early morning shopping, who think Gladys is “so cool”, while others take a genuine interest in our books and the fact we’ve travelled so far to attend Comic-Con. And despite our trip to the first camp site accidently detouring to a military base (where a befuddled but smiling serviceman gets us back on track), and an alarming warning sign at our camp site telling us to ‘beware of rattlesnakes” (ugh… why does it always have to be snakes?) our trip has started off well. To top it all off, given time to inspect the freshly printed books, all fears of them being damaged or unusable during transit melt away in a wash of four colour goodness on well produced pages. And while my plastic book stands have broken from the flight, my ‘secret weapon’ has survived, intact. He didn’t even lose a single claw. You’ll see him later…

So far, so… cool? Well, we’re about to see if the costumed crowd of Comic-Con think so. If not, I guess we can always drag a 26ft lady into the convention centre to turn heads…

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GS Reporter: Corey Brotherson

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