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Beta Flight  Episode 5

Not everyone they find is ready … or willing … to don a costume and help others. And then again …some are. These are their adventures.

Arc, Dragonryder, and Blue Streak are on the trail of a new protosignal … but he doesn’t want to be found!

starring in this production were the voice talents of;
Keith Cunningham as BLUE STREAK
Robin Carlisle as DRAGONRYDER
Adam Ledzion as ARC
Rich Frost as MAINFRAME
Phill Moxley as EMERALD KNIGHT
Brent Terrien as PURE-V
Paul Mannering as CORSAIR
Mike Winters as MACH -5
Lynn Cullen as ANGELUS
MJ Cogburn as WOLF-GIRL
Damaris Mannering as SHADOW SWORD

guest starring

Greg Wilkinson as ROBERT
Matt Burden as SAM
Brad Beeson as the Police OFFICER
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Trixie the THUG
and Krystle Namet as the DAY TRADER

with special guest appearances by
Mark Kalita as John BLACKTHORN
Mike Sims as ROUTER

post-production done by Alan White.

Original scores in this episode were;
“Murd’s Lament” from Mercury & The Murd by Shawn Pryor
“Tech Support Theme” by David A Krause
“No Compromise” by Pitbull Daycare
Permission obtained by Ken McLaughlin

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