Advert Break – Draw Comic Book Action by Lee Garbett

DC artist Lee Garbett (Batgirl) has a Book out that will help hopeful comic book artist draw better action scenes in their work.

Book Description:

Superhero feats and exhilarating fights are the climax of a comic book; here readers will learn to draw this fun and vital part of comic art. Clever exercises will show how to achieve convincing movement by first drawing the torso then building other body components around it. Techniques for drawing every dynamic action are explained from running, swinging and flying through to fist fights, group rumbles, and battles. “An Action File” of comic character drawings in dynamic poses forms an invaluable resource; accompanied throughout by the kick-ass images of comic artist Lee Garbett.

Click here for a sneak peak at “Comic Book Action” by Lee Garbett

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