ADVERT BREAK: EPIX & Stan Lee Bring New Video Content to Fans

I usually don’t have to find a reason to be a couch-potato but now I have a real excuse! EPIX and Stan Lee have teamed up for “Marvel Heroes Weekend”, a marathon of superhero movies running from April 27-29.

It will include recent fan favorites Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger as well as the EPIX Original Documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story. The marathon leads up to the release of The Avengers on May 4th.

Hosted by legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, the marathon also features EPIX Extra: Mighty Movie Superheroes which examines the origins and fan following of the mighty team. The film shines a light on Stan “The Man” Lee and “pulls back the curtain” on never-before shared information on how the magic happens. Click behind the cut for a sneak peak!

Source: Epix
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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