ADVERT BREAK – Illusionology

Ever wondered how some of the great illusions were performed?


Author: Emily Hawkins

Illustrators: David Wyatt, Levi Pinfold & Tomislav Tomić 

    Released March 2012 

Templar Publishing

  £17.99 RRP

ISBN: 978-1-84877-208-3 




Illusionology is the magical 11th instalment in the multi-million selling Ology series. In this beautifully illustrated and spellbinding book, the practical side of magic is revealed through an exposé of the tricks of the masters for new initiates of the Illusionists’ Guild. Discover the fantastical stories behind these master illusionists, whose dedication and ingenuity have now become the foundation of today’s magical practices.

Purportedly written in 1915 by one of America’s top scientists, William Schafer, Illusionology is a book packed full of his secrets. Each page in this interactive book hosts diverse and exciting tricks supported by step-by-step instructions and novelty accessories, enabling readers to perform an array of impressive tricks. All of this comes together to make Illusionology an indispensible guide for all aspiring wonder-workers. For those with the dedication to know, it reveals the scientific explanations of many well-known tricks such as levitating a lady, making things disappear and mind-reading, among others.

Author Emily Hawkins is a highly experienced writer and editor who also wrote the New-York-Times bestseller Oceanology. Supported by detailed illustrations from David Wyatt (illustrator of books by world-famous authors including Philip Pullman, Alan Garner and Terry Pratchett), Levi Pinfold (winner of the Booktrust Early Years Award for Best Emerging Illustrator) and Tomislav Tomić (sole illustrator of Trick of the Tale and contributor to Wizardology and Monsterology).

Providing a raft of magical knowledge is ‘The Deceptionist’, or ‘Sav’ to his friends. A magician to the stars and member of The Magic Circle, he is immortalised in the book demonstrating optical illusions. He can make you doubt your own eyesight with amazing feats of close-up magic!

Illusionology is the book to astonish, astound and help you understand the truth behind the world’s most baffling illusions.

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