ADVERT BREAK: Prop Master Terry English at Memorabilia London

Movie Props Master Terry English to Speak at Memorabilia London

From the Colonial Marine armour in ALIENS to Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze suit, master weaponsmith and armourer Terry English has been creating brilliant movie props for over five decades – and he’ll be bringing some of his greatest creations along to London Memorabilia later this month.

Hosting panels on both Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, Terry will be telling the stories behind the props he has created for hundreds of major motion pictures. Whether making props for classic productions such as DR ZHIVAGO, LAURENCE OF ARABIA and John Boorman’s EXCALIBER or crafting armour for recent films such as CLASH OF THE TITANS, SUCKER PUNCH and ROBIN HOOD, Terry English is a true legend of the industry.

The ultimate collectors’ fair, Memorabilia London will see a host of great guests from the world of film and television, including STAR WARS’ Anthony Daniels, TORCHWOOD’s Kai Owen, WATCHMEN’s Matt Frewer and LA FEMME NIKITA star Peta Wilson. Memorabilia London runs alongside its sister show, the MCM Expo London Comic Con, at Excel on 28-29 October.

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