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Cheers to the guys of at the Sci-fi Channel for giving us the heads up on this.


Summer may be on the way out but the SCI FI Channel is seeing it out in style, with the contest to end all contests. Get ready for the SCI FI Summer Gaming Tournament.

With no Olympics this summer, and not even a major football tournament to speak of, SCI FI has decided to raise the stakes with an online gaming tournament. Gold medals are one thing, but we’re talking about the chance to top the SCI FI Game Centre Leader Boards – Olympians come and go; SCI FI Champions are for life.

But if you’re a stone cold gaming mercenary you’ll prick up your ears when you hear that there’s a host of gaming prizes up for grabs too. The tournament will comprise of contests on the following games – Thunderbirds Sudoku, Thunderbirds Docking Station and Brains Teaser, and there will be Wii and PC games up for grabs for the five highest new entries on each contest, with the outright champion of each contest receiving a bonus prize.

Prizes include Overlord: Dark Legend on Wii and Legend: Hand of God on PC.

What could possibly be a better way of winning PC and Wii games than by playing some seriously addictive online games? It’s a win win situation. Okay, it might not be as full-on as competing in an Olympic Decathlon but we’ll hazard a guess that it’s a lot more fun.

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