African Culture and Myth Combine in Kickstarter Project ‘Champion Of Dema’

Champion of Dema 1I do tend to pick and choose the Kickstarter projects I support as there are so many of them trying to part me from my cash. The problem is on the comics front so many of them are so dammed good…damn you great comic ideas, dam you to the four corners of hell!

Ahem *straightens collar* anyway  the latest Kickstarter to catch my eye (not sure what my other eye is doing but there you go) is called Champion of Dema.

Hameed Catel  is the brains behind the project which he describes as a being ‘ a stand-alone Afrocentric graphic novel about a reluctant hero who is constantly plagued by the citizens of his village to their Champion. However he doesn’t want the responsibility and tries to escape his duties at every chance he gets.’


Now being a lazy git myself I can sympathise with Hameed’s central character Kade, although I admit no one’s been hassling me to be their champion, well not this week at least. Anyway I checked out the project on Hameed’s Kickstarter page and really liked his core idea of weaving African myth and culture into a fantasy comic. I think he’s given himself one hell of a rich tapestry to play with. It also doesn’t hurt his chances that the production art looks great with some echoes of manga to it ( am I the only one seeing a touch of the last airbender in some of those images?).

1.    It’s a creator owned graphic novel – writing is my passion and my ultimate dream is to be able to write stories that eventually make it onto the big animation screen. If you help to support me then you will essentially be helping to make me an entrepreneur as I’m completely independent with no ties to any companies or the like. I also intend to reinvest any funds or profits I make into my work 🙂

2.       It’s not your run of the mill fantasy story, it’s unique in the fact that it explores various African cultures in a fantasy fictional setting for the western world to enjoy; something that I don’t think has been done before. It also has a universal story and message that I believe everyone can relate to no matter where you’re from or who you are.

3.       Well developed and designed characters – I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project, both me and the artist took extra time to design each aspect of the characters and the city of Dema from the ground up. You can expect well rounded characters and a detailed city in which to let your imagination loose.

Hameed, promises that the finished comic will be 70 page in total and in black and white. Seeing some of great looking full colour images on the kickstarter page I would have loved to have seen Champion of Dema all in colour but that may be something Hameed has on the cards for the future. – Hameed Catel


The project only has three days to go, has already raised 2,606 of its 3,000 total so head over to the Kickstarter page and see if this is something up your street. I plan to put my hand in my pocket for this one.

I also had to include Hameed’s kickstarter video so he can explain it all himself (and so I can listen to that backing tune over and over again).


Champion of Dema 1 Champion of Dema 2 Champion of Dema 3 Champion of Dema 4












Reporter: Nuge

Source: Kickstarter: Champion Of Dema

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