Agent Carter One Shot Debuts at SDCC

Fans of Captain America: The First Avenger know all about Agent Carter played by Hayley Atwell but what happened after Steve Rodgers went missing? This new “One Shot” will be released on the Iron Man 3 DVD but first it will debut at San Diego Comic Con

I have to admit I kinda fell in love with Atwell in Captain America. She was not your typical damsel in distress and she could kick ass as well. The romance between the two characters was a lovely touch in the first film and it helped make Rodgers more human.

With Marvel making these One Shots for the DVD’s we get to see small areas of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we would have missed otherwise. This one called “Agent Carter” is set a few months after Rogers “death” in the first film and we get to see what she has been doing.

I love the pulp feel for the artwork for this short film and the pics below get me excited to see what happens in the story.

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Source: AICN. EW
Reporter: Montoya

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