‘Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space’ Comes to PC

From the depths of  Z4GO and Ivan Venturi Productions comes the eerie first person shooter called Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space. If you think the subtitle Eyes from Outer Space is just figurative language, you are sorely mistaken. Aliens with giant eyes on their bodies, invade the planet, and only one security guard can save us.

He is John T. Longy, and he not only fights the alien threat with shotguns and such, but he also solves puzzles as he attempts to make sense of his situation: http://youtu.be/OwxvkJY-lOo

Check out that 60’s aesthetic! The developers, no doubt, love classic alien films.  I’ve never heard of Ivan Venture Productions, nor Z4GO, but if this is their first effort, it looks to be an outstanding one. The game, engine, the physics, the puzzles, all of it looks solid. I only hope that the action holds up; we don’t see enough of it in this trailer.

You can see more of Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space during Gamescom. It will be available on Steam as an Early Access title, published by UK  company Merge Games. The game releases on the 26th of September.

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Source: MergeGames

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