Albert Einstein: Time Mason Brings his Pulp Adventure Antics to Kickstarter

I admit it doesn’t take much to hook me onto something. Sometimes it’s a theme tune, other times it’s a line of dialogue, a great premise or a single comic panel that will send me running for my wallet. In this case it was stumbling across a poster on twitter that looked like the love child of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Magnum Pi. Think I’m joking? Judge for yourself.


Pretty cool right? The cover has that similar quality to the sort of film poster artwork Drew Stuzan has been putting out for decades. The poster also boasts the  tagline ‘Adventure is on the clock’ that pretty much screams ‘Take my money’. My excitement level rose when I realised that this wasn’t just a cool film poster mashup but an advert for an actual comic that featured a young time travelling Albert Einstein tackling Nazis in a pulp adventure style setting.

Albert Einstein: Time Mason is a swashbuckling, time traveling adventure series with a dashing young Albert Einstein as our hero. In the vein of “Doctor Who” & “Quantum Leap”. The Time Masons are a mysterious group entrusted with protecting Space & Time. They consist of the most brilliant minds from all dimensions and times. Using the time traveling pocket watch entrusted to him by a dying Time Mason, Albert carves his way through time itself as its newest protector.


It isn’t that often I back something on Kickstarter but at $3 to get issue 1 and 2 it was already a done deal for me. Even if the comics aren’t up to much it’s not really much money to throw away but looking at the premise, the preview and art on creator Tony Dooley’s website for the comic and tumblr I don’t think that will be the case.


I’m hoping this is something that will go the way of Five Ghosts, another pulp adventure Kickstarter project which ended up being picked up my Image  and going down a storm with the comic buying public.

The Kickstarter for issue 2 has already been reached so there is no danger of not receiving a copy of the issue which is great news I’m sure for Tony.

I will report back once I’ve read the issue and let you know what I think. In the meantime if Tony can knock together an intro with the theme Magnum PI in the background I would be a very happy geek.

Until next time remember ‘Adventure if on the clock’ man I love that tagline…I’ve said that already right?


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