Amanda Tapping is Joining Supernatural Season 8!

Supernatural’s 8th season is fast approaching, October 3rd in fact, and with that we are getting more news as to what to expect.  One big piece of news is Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG1 fame, will be joining the show as angel Naomi a “cool and mysterious” character who shows up in episode 7 “We need to talk about Kevin”.

There is also suggestions that she will be amongst a “new group of angels” that will be central to the conflict of the season.  I personally am looking forward to this, I love when angels show up – they are always dicks and often have really sharp dialogue with the boys and with Amanda at he forefront I think it will be even better.

Also announced is Mike Farrell, of M*A*S*H fame, will appear as a mentalist with a slipping grasp of reality.  Season is shaping up to be really intriguing and with more Crowley, demons and angels back in the forefront, the return of Garth and some great guest stars – Season 8 may jut be the best season yet.

Reporter: Steven Stone

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