American Zombie

What’s it about?
A movie documenting the daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who make their home in Los Angeles

Review it:
Ok, now obviously this is a work of fiction, but its written and directed by an acclaimed real life documentary film-maker, and DAMN does it show. This basically works under the assumption that zombies are real and while harmless are generally treated at best like uneducated immigrants or the homeless. People to be ignored and marginalised. The movie is shot documentary style and centers on 4 of the undead. A young asian woman who just wants some kind of normality, a teen who see’s himself as a cool outsider, a neurotic woman desperate to find out who she was in her previous life and a crusader for equal rights for the undead. And this is all done totally seriously and after 10 minutes you do kinda forget it is a fictional piece about zombies and start to see them all as real, sympathetic characters. None of them can remember their lives before the change, all they know is that an act of violence caused their demise being that only people dying traumatically come back.

The genius of this film is that you really get to know them all and, like the film crew, start to feel comfortable with them, then an hour into the film a sense of unease creeps in. The crew gain acess to “The Living Dead“, a kind of Glastonbury Festival where no humans are allowed, and while there you start to feel something isn’t quite right. It’s all very subtle, but thats what makes it so effective and real. A genuinely impressive bit of film making.

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GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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