Ampney Crucis Investigates… Vile Bodies

Every so often we hear about a new comic that sounds just so cool and this one certainly fits the bill. It comes out in January so be sure to check it out.

Are you ready for the jolly good rip through the fabric of reality to a devilish dimension that needs but a gateway to our world?

Ampney Crucis Investigates… Vile Bodies

Out on 19th January 2012 ISBN 978-1-907992-94-0 £11.99

Introducing Ampney Crucis – the dashing gentleman dandy who’s a dab hand with the old detective lark, especially when concerned with dark creatures from beyond the veil!

It’s PG Wodehouse meets HP Lovecraft in this rip-roaring yarn from the pages of legendary British comic book 2000 AD.

Accompanied by his trusty manservant, Cromwell, Crucis’s knack for seeing what others cannot – thanks to frightful encounter with something monstrous in the Somme back in 1916 that drove him quite, quite insane for a time – leads him to investigate suspicious goings-on in 1928, from a manor house overrun by the garden – literally – to the bracing and bloody seaside, Crucis and Cromwell

Written by champion raconteur Ian Edginton (Victorian UndeadScarlet Traces) and with spiffing painted artwork by that jolly talented fellow, Simon Davis (Stone IslandJudge Dredd), this first collection of Ampney’s supernatural adventures belongs in any respectable gentleman’s comic collection.


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